Semi-Circular Ditch Liner

Semi-Circular Ditch Liner

The SmartDitch Semi-Circular Ditch Liner System is often used for both permanent and temporary applications, and in ground, as well as above ground, temporary flow diversions. SmartDitch’s unique corrugated design helps provide consistent and predictable flow rates. The HDPE construction provides excellent tensile strength and is chemical, abrasion and UV resistant. SmartDitch’s Semi-Circular Ditch Liner System is light weight and comes in easy to transport and carry lengths that make it easy to handle and install.

SmartDitch Semi Circular Ditch Liner

24″ Depth 8′ Long Sections • weighs 64 lbs per Section

SmartDitch Semi Circular Ditch Line

Overall exterior lengthD93.00 in / 2362.20 mm

Item Description 24″ Depth Semi–circular
Overall exterior widthA39.00 in / 990.60 mm
Overall exterior heightB19.00 in / 482.60 mm
Bottom Channel exterior widthCN/A (Rounded Bottom)
Overall Exterior lengthD93.00 in / 2362.20mm
Lay lengthE88.00 in / 2235.20 mm
Weight Per PartN/A36.00 lb / 16.33 kg

*Measurements are overall part dimensions and are not representative of actual flow area or earthen fill area

  • SmartDitch offers a variety of fittings for 24″ Semi-Circular channel liner system Click Here
  • SmartDitch HDPE Channel Systems and fitting come in three colors: black, green and sand Click Here