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SmartDitch UK

SmartDitch UK was created as a result of the growing popularity of the SmartDitch range of products in the UK. at SmartDitch UK we have access to civil engineers who can advise on your project and assist in producing design data.

We hold a stock of the most popular products, please contact us for the latest lead times.

SmartDitchUK is the exclusive reseller in the following territories;

MegaDitch Installation

Showing Smart Ditch in action in a field

SmartDitch is a carefully designed, comprehensive system consisting of channel liners and fittings that are manufactured by Penda Corporation. Their leadership in materials research, product development and manufacturing bring many benefits to SmartDitch:

  • High resistance to acidic or alkaline soils and chemicals
  • Flexibility that makes installation fast and easy with minimal environmental disturbance
  • Proven ability to reduce seepage water loss by up to 90 percent
  • Low maintenance costs
  • 100% recyclability
  • Quality that meets ISO 14001 standards

SmartDitch Installation


MegaDitch Installation