Whitehaven Landfill Surface Run Off


As is typical of most landfills, water accumulation on this UK landfill was creating a surface run-off problem during heavy rain events and causing severe erosion along many points of the landfill. In the western UK, where rain is a fairly frequent event, the Whitehaven Developments Ltd site in Cumbria, chose to seek a better drainage and erosion control solution.


To correct this problem, URS, the landfill owner’s engineering firm, designed a series of outfalls and lateral drainage channels to allow SmartDitch to redirect the cap water flow into a settling and retention pond.The severity of the slope grades were varied; with some as steep as 21%.

In all, 5,695LF (1736m) of both 12”and 24”trapezoidal SmartDitch was installed (along with a series of fittings, flared-end sections and edge protection) to complete the drainage improvement system. It took just 8 weeks to complete the project, which also included ditch prep, edge protection, and the installation of fittings and flared-end sections. The flexible and lightweight design of SmartDitch also allowed the installation crew to work around existing site services, a leachate management system, trees, and shrubs.


Photo courtesy of URS Infrastructure & Environmental Limited Whitehaven Developments Ltd site in Cumbria


Product: 12”& 24”Trapezoidal SmartDitch

Length: Feet: 5,695 total (2,916 of 24”, 2,778 of 12”)

Meters: 1736 total (889m of 24”, 847m of 12”)

Construction Time: 8 weeks (incl. ditch prep, installation, backfilling, weather delays)

Site Engineer: URS Infrastructure & Environmental Limited

Installation Contractor: Fox (Owmby) Limited, Lincolnshire, UK

Sales Representative: Somerville Marketing – Ontario, Canada