Maintenance Pack


Ditch Repair Kit That Every Public Works & DOT Yard Should Have

The SmartDitch Maintenance Pack is a proven, simple, and cost-effective solution to permanently repair or maintain problem drainage ditches or stormwater outfalls. Every Public Works & DOT maintenance yard should have SmartDitch on hand to be able to quickly repair blown-out ditch sections. When designing drainage projects with difficult access, remote locations, or uneven terrain and sloped conditions, SmartDitch’s lightweight rugged construction allows for quick installation in the most difficult situations.

 Perfect for:
  • Roadside drainage outfalls
  • Sectional repair of failed ditches
  • Rehabilitation of existing ditch section
  • Failed RipRap
  • Side Slope Erosion
The Standard SmartDitch Maintenance Pack Includes:
  • 7 – 12″ Trapezoidal SmartDitch Channel Sections
  • 7 – 24″ Trapezoidal SmartDitch Channel Sections
  • 1 – 12″ Flared End Section
  • 1 – 24″ Flared End Section
  • Installation Hardware Kit
Build your own SmartDitch Maintenance Pack. Contact us for details and prices